Truck Scale

SIA TehPark-D offers the following truck weighing services:

  • One-stage weighing ( Total vehicle weight )
  • Two-stage weighing (Indicates the weight of the vehicle and trailer / semi-trailer separately)
  • On customers request, pictures from the weighing can be digitally sent to the customer.

Scale specification:

  • Precise and high quality truck scale from German manufacturer OAS a.g.
  • Calibrated and certified to meet Latvian and European standards.
  • Scale platform size 18 m x 3 m
  • Weighing range from 400 km to 60000 kg
  • The accuracy of the measurement error is below 20 kg
  • Touch screen terminal will assist the weighing procedure and the weighing results will be printed on the receipt, along with the truck and trailer (semi-trailer) plate numbers.
  • The scales are equipped with two cameras that capture the weighting process.